About EPIC

EPIC, Renewable energy in Pacific islands: Developing Skills and Capacity, was born to react to the current challenges and immediate needs to the renewable energy (RE) development in the Pacific. The initiative has been drawn from the low energy access rate, urgent need of alternative energy supply, and the vulnerability to the impact of climate change in the region.

EPIC adapts a holistic approach to tackle the existing challenges by training young local generation and establishing dedicated research centres, which will foster regional co-operation in the field of renewable energy.

The master programme in Renewable Energy Management serves as a base to equip the new scientists, as well as academic staff, with up-to-date knowledge which is highly in demand in both countries. Furthermore, the Centre of Renewable Energy (CORE) facilitates the collaboration at university, national and regional levels. Through the dissemination of master programmes and CORE, public awareness in RE and climate change will also be enhanced.